Here is a quick resource to assist you to get Bank Account Confirmation Letters from the Major SA banks.


What is a Bank Account Confirmation letter?

A Bank Account Confirmation letter is a formal statement released by a bank that confirms the existence of a bank account and confirms the name of the account holder.


What is a Bank Account Confirmation used for?

A Bank confirmation letter is a letter from a bank, validating that a named person is the account holder of a specified bank account. It ensures that debtors can get money deposited to the correct bank accounts.




Here is how you can get the account confirmation as an ABSA account holder:

  • Login to Absa Online Banking
  • Click on the “Accounts” tab
  • Select the account for which the bank confirmation letter is required
  • Click “Bank Confirmation Letter”
  • Accept the verification request sent to your phone
  • Click “View”
  • The bank confirmation letter will open up on the screen
  • Click “Download” with an option to print or save to your computer

Capitec Bank

Here is how you can get the account confirmation as a Capitec account holder:

  • Sign in to the Capitec Bank app
  • Select the Account you would like to get the bank letter
  • Click the 3 dots to give you all the options for your account
  • Select “Send Account Details”
  • Choose either “SMS” or “Email” and provide the details
  • Select “Send” to action

You will receive your Capitec Bank Confirmation Letter in your email.



Standard Bank

Here is how you can get the account confirmation as a Standard Bank account holder

The bank letter is available through Standard Bank Online or on your Mobile Banking App.

  • Click on the specific bank account you require an account confirmation letter for.
  • On the top of this page of the App, click on “Details”
  • Click on “Your Documents”
  • Click on “Bank Account Confirmation Letter”
  • Choose to download or email it to yourself.

Alternatively, you can request their team to email it to you by contacting 0860 123 000 option 3 then 3.




Here is how you can get the account confirmation as an FNB account holder:



  • Log in to your FNB App and select “Accounts”
  • Then select “Account Confirmation Letter”
  • Proceed to download or print the confirmation letter


  • Log into your FNB Online and select “My bank accounts”
  • Select the relevant bank account number which needs a verification letter
  • Select “Account to verify.” and click on “settings”
  • Choose the bank letters option and select ‘account confirmation letter.

You may choose to forward it to your email address or print it out.




Here is how you can get the account confirmation as a Nedbank account holder:



  • Log into the Nedbank Money App and select the Account
  • swipe to the Features tab
  • Share Account information


  • Log in to your Nedbank Online Banking
  • Select the account you’d like to get a statement for
  • Select “Statements and documents” under the “Features” section
  • Choose any of the available statements listed for you, in PDF, CSV, OFX and OFC format
  • Download the e-stamped statement to your device

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